About Elisif

Photo: Linda Broström

Elisif Elvinsdotter is a TV and radio journalist with broad experience from some of Sweden’s main news shows. During the years she has been an anchor for ”Uppdrag granskning” (Sweden’s no1 investigative programme), Gomorron Sverige (equivalent to ”Good morning America”, a morning show with news, debates and entertainment), Aktuellt21 and Rapport 19.30 (the biggest news shows in Swedish public TV).

At the Swedish public radio she’s hosted Godmorgon världen (Good morning world) and Studio Ett (Studio One, daily news and debate show). At the commercial TV4 she worked with Nyhetsmorgon (morning news show), Nyheterna (the news), Nar&Fjarran (entertainment travel show) and Pangea.nu (for teenagers, about the world).

She´s also written several books for children and youngsters, published in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

She’s fluent in both swedish & english and has done several english assignments.


  • Anchor for different TV and radioshows.
  • Debate leader.
  • Interviewer at events where politicians, authors or others are to be presented to an audience.
  • Lectures: about storywriting and media/journalism.


UR: Utbildningsradion, Swedish educational network
doing both radio and TV.
SVT: Swedish public TV.
SR: Swedish public radio
TV4: National commercial channel
TV4 Sydost: Local commercial channel

2009 –
MC for a broad variety of clients – private companies, government ministries & administrations as well as different organisations. Some recurring clients are Ernst&Young, VTI, Nine Yards, Mälardalsrådet, IIA.

UR: Anchor ”Science” (Vetenskap) + theme-shows, different topics, voice of different science programs.
SVT: Anchor Gomorron Sverige, Aktuellt21

SVT: Anchor: Uppdrag granskning, Gomorron Sverige, Studio 24
UR: Anchor: Vetenskap
SR: Anchor: Godmorgon världen

SVT: Anchor: Gomorron Sverige and Studio 24
SR:  Reporter and anchor at Studio Ett and Godmorgon världen
UR: Editor: Vetenskap.

SVT, swedish public TV: Anchor for the news-shows Aktuellt, Rapport, SVT24, A-ekonomi and the morning show (SVT Morgon). Editor for “Sajber”, a show about data/internet/games.
UR: Sciencereporter for TV-universitetet.
National TV4: Anchor: Nyheterna, Nyhetsmorgon.

National TV4: Anchor and co-editor of “Sverige Runt”. From 1997 hosting the morning show Nyhetsmorgon and the news during the summer. Reporter for “Pangea.nu” and the travel programs “Reslust” and “När&Fjärran”.
Local TV4 Sydost: Anchor/reporter/editor of culture-, entertainment- and debate-shows.

SR Kronoberg, local public radio station:
Newscaster, reporter and anchor for both morning and afternoon shows, live in the field as well as in the studio.

2 years of journalism school at Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola in Jönköping.
Before this educated at the agricultural school in Linköping, working 4 years at different farms.