Clients about Elisif

New evaluations:

AFA insurance company, scientific conference 2017:

Evaluation as speaker: 5 of 5. From the audience 5 of 5. Contact with Elisif beforehand: 5 of 5.

Lantmäteriet (national surveying office) Almedalen political week 2015-17:

We hired Elisif Elvinsdotter to moderate our seminar about open geological data for our society during the Almedalen week 2015. The seminar outlay was a kind of talkshow with guests highlighting different presentations of the problem.

Elisif as showhost managed to unerringly steer the conversation and make our complex questions simple and understandable.

The result was very good and we´re very pleased with Elisif. We can really recommend her as moderator. She prepared both herself and the guests well and made our questions her own by listening, discussing and read up on the subject with dedication and accuracy. In that process we always participated and felt safe in how professionaly our questions were dealt with.”

Henrik Stridsman, communication director, Lantmäteriet

TeknikFöreDagen (Teknikföretagen) 2016-17:

”At our meeting  – TeknikföreDagen 2016 – we had the benefit to have Elisif as a moderator. It was the first, but hopefully not the last time. Very professional and well read with huge ability to listen to our wishes but also to add her own experience on what makes a huge and important event great for both organizers and audience.”

Jonas Cohen, communications manager, Teknikföretagen

Tamro-day, 2011, 2016-17 (swedish pharmaceutical distributor):

”Elisif is a very professional moderator we strongly recommend. She comes well prepared and well read upon the subject, at the same time with a background that gives her the opportunity to  ask questions and lead the discussions in a natural way. Elisif manages to master complicated issues and structures, understands the material and know how to structure and plan the execution. We´re very pleased and it´s highly possible we´ll hire Elisif again for upcoming events.”

Pontus Moberg, general counsel, Tamro

Swerma risk conference (risk managers) 2016-17

”Many thanks for a job very well done. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional moderator and speaker. We´re incredibly satisfied with how well read and prepared you were, your way to prepare the speakers and and how you made the conference move forward throughout the day.

After each presentation you had some well thought through and relevant questions that furthermore enhanced the speakers presentations. We´ll give you our warmest recommendations. Many thanks Elisif!”

Ulrika Lilliehöök, Managing Director ARS Sweden, Aon Risk Solutions

WWF – pro bono, 2016

”Elisif Elvinsdotter led WWF:s partner evening 2016 in an initiated, alive and engaged way. She made everyone in the room feel involved and managed to lead a both challenging and pleasant conversation with our panelists. Many thanks!

Emelie Norhagen, WWF

ECIIA, GRC-days in Stockholm 2016 (european conference all in english):

Evaluation: 8,82/10 (8.74 for content, 8.91 as speaker)

Comments from participant evaluations:

”Excellent throughout the entire two days”.

”Very professional and knowledgeable about the subjects”.

”She was outstanding!”

”Best moderator I´ve come across!”

”The moderators very insightful questions made the communication with the speakers substantial and interesting”.

”Impressive level of knowledge about our profession”.

”She´s magic!”

”Engaged and had relevant questions”.

”Very professional, charming and a great host”.

”Pleasant tone and relevant follow-ups, which put both speaker and audience at ease”.

“Very fluent and humoristic”.

“Very charming and strict at the same time!”

“Impressive how Elisif had gained such understanding of the area of GRC-related issues in order to keep up”

“Such a high level in the discussions/moderator task.”

LRF Milk, swedish organization for farmers, 2016:

”We needed a moderator who could balance a scientific discussion in english about a sensitive field. We new beforehand the discussion would be heated but Elisif strongly contributed to make it as balanced as possible. Partly by making the speakers trust her by interviewing them beforehand, but first and foremost by her clear and straightforward way on stage.

In a kind and dignified way she interrupted discussions that could´ve ended badly, but also made it clear to the audience we wanted to discuss the bigger picture rather than the details. It´s been easy, fun and structured to work with Elisif. I´d love to hire her as a moderator again.

Maja Nordström, LRF Mjölk

OECD International Transport Forum, Leipzig 2014-15:

(2015) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your excellent moderation of both the Panel session on Crossing continents and Transport for tourists and travellers on 27 May, as well as the Panel session on Airlines, airports and air traffic control on 28 May during this year´s Annual Summit. As before, you helped ensure efficient, lively discussions and set the tone for the days ahead.

The 2015 Summit provided the setting for policy makers and those working in the transport sector to deepen their understandning of the importance of transport as an enabler of trade and tourism, and discuss with their global peers how the transport sector can best respond to the growth forecast for both trade and tourism.

Once again, thank you for your important contribution to the work of the International Transport Forum.

Yours sincerely, José Viegas, Secretary-General

 OpenLab, inauguration day, 2015:

After searching for someone capable to handle our complex subject we choose Elisif to lead the inauguration of OpenLab. Our theme was ”Challenge the Challenges”, dealing with interdisciplinary innovation created in extreme environments. We had a group of eight speakers from different science disciplines, which made it difficult to find the right MC/moderator.

Elisif worked intensively with her own prestudy of both the speakers and the different subjects, then she presented us with a script we polished and finished in our conversations together. We were very happy with the entire process and how she involved us in the final result. Everything was delivered with high professionalism and a very good end result. Me and everyone at OpenLab gives Elisif our highest recommendation and we’ll definately use Elisif in the future as well.
Nino Baraka, project manager for the inauguration of OpenLab (2015)

Electorial conference for LO (the swedish trade union confederation):

”LO hired Elisif Elvinsdotter as the MC at our huge electorial conference with approximately 500 participants. Elisif performend her task with great professional attitude and huge interest for the topic at hand. She contributed to creating a very successful conference and we’re very pleased. I would truly recommend Elisif to other organisations looking for a professional and community-oriented moderator!”
Elisabeth Brandt Ygeman, electorial organizer LO (2014)

NCC, different conferences/debates 2014-16:

”Elisif Elvinsdotter was the MC for NCC:s primary seminar “Housing for all – how do we place the pieces of the housing puzzle?” at Almedalens political week 2014. This politically oriented debate about our housing siutation with an advanced outlay in 3 steps with presentation, political debate and insights from experts, was absolutely packed and got the highest praise from both audience as well as present NCC staff.

Elisif is engaging, knowledgeable, well read, professional, with an exceptional ability to read the present situation, to listen and steer participants and panel. She has the ability to drive and lift the debate without dominating it herself. Her many years of experience from live debate on TV makes her solve unexpected situations calm and secure, get the participants to show their best and creates an engaging atmosphere between the seminar participants and the audience.”
Anna Trane, press & PR-executive NCC (2014)

Recurring clients:

Nine Yards:
“I have chosen to work with Elisif due to her immaculate professionalism, great personality and ability to deliver sharpness as well as comfort to a project. Although tight schedules and difficult circumstances sometimes, Elisif always keep her calm and impressive focus on the task at hand. There are very few Elisif-personalities around these days so if you face the opportunity to work with her or to know her, don’t hesitate, just do it!”
Jörgen Svedberg, vice president Nine Yards (2010)

”Working with Elisif means security and high quality guaranteed.

In my job as event&content producer I’ve had the opportunity to work with Elisif for a number of different projects during the past 5 years. My view is that most meetings need more conversations and discussions rather than long monologues and powerpoint-presentations on stage – and it is vital for me to find good MC:s. To be able to work with an MC with the qualities Elisif possess means that the ambitions I set together with my client always are upheld, and in most cases more than that.

I can always feel confident Elisif does a thorough research about the subject in question. Regardless of complexity or subject I’m always sure Elisif asks her guests on stage the most relevant questions, well balanced for the level of knowledge in the audience. Elisif has a genuine interest in people and their experiences and can make the most insecure guest feel safe and give that little extra something on stage.”
Gun Molin Jansson, project manager & content producer, Combined (2013)

”I really appreciate Elisifs dedication and extremely thorough research before an event – both about the general subject as well as the speakers invited. When the speakers feel comfortable and relaxed on stage the audience is satisfied. Apart from that, working with Elisif before an event is so easy. She’s very wise and easy to work with.”
Eva Linder, marketing manager, Ernst & Young (2012)

”A huge thank you for your participation Elisif. It was nice to meet again and to work with you. You’re always well-read and prepared which makes everyone on stage feel safe and it creates a very nice atmosphere. Looking forward to working with some event together soon again!”
Helena Herlogsson, vice president Ernst & Young AB (2011)

”Huge thanks to you, Elisif!
I want to thank You for contributing to making Ernst&Young-dagen in Åre a very big success. Everything flowed smoothly and I am more than pleased with the results. Your professional way of working and huge commitment was impressive! I hope we will get other opportunities working together in the future!”
Jan Birgersson, MD Ernst & Young AB (2010)

”Thanks for a fantastic arrangement and execution yet another year, despite late input. We’re hoping for new mutual challenges. Many thanks!”
Ernst&Young through Eva Linder (2010)

Mälardalsrådet, several conferences 2012-16:
”We have hired Elisif as MC for a few large conferences and one seminar during the political week in Almedalen during 2012. The subjects have been infrastructure, public transportation and community development in a regional perspective. These are complex questions involving a number of different participants, mainly from politics and public authorities. Elisif works with extreme seriousness and commitment. She’s curious, interested and doesn’t give up until she understands and has a grip on what’s going on. As an organizer I can rely on her delivering every time, it feels safe!”
Maria Nimvik Stern, Mälardalsrådet (2012)

IIA – Internal auditors, Sweden:
”We´re very happy you could participate at our conference as the MC! For many years we’ve managed to gather around 250 delegates, around a third of our members, to the Internal Auditors day, our yearly conference. Every year we’re very happy about the high number of participants and the evaluations. Last, the challenge was bigger than usual as we tried to top last years huge 60 jubilee-conference at Grand Hotel…

It went well and you played an important part! You moved the conference forward, it didn’t halt at every speaker, but became more of a cohesive entirety. Impressive how you had prepared and how you held the perfect level in your questions and comments. I can’t remember us ever having such high evaluations of a segment, not a single person had anything negative to say about your performance.

From the evaluations:

  • Elisif a very good MC and very well-read.
  • Elisif was so good and well-read.
  • The MC sometimes managed to get more information through her questions than the speakers managed to give on their own. A very good choice as an MC!
  • Elisif Elvinsdotter was a very good MC!!! Very well-read and had very good questions for the speakers. Use her again.
  • I think this years conference was one of the best so far. The program was very well thought through and all the presentations were of high quality. An extra big plus for your choice of MC Elisif – she did a very good job, was well-read and asked relevant questions suited to the audience!
  • MC Elisif was excellent!
  • Elisif is great.
  • Very good MC. Brought more knowledge because she’d done some research beforehand.
  • MC Elisif Elvinsdotter did an amazing job! She was very well-read and asked good questions.
  • The MC was very good.

Thankyou and looking forward to working with you as MC next year again.”
Klas Schöldström, MD IIA (2012)

Swedavia, (owner of swedish airports) several assignments:
”Elisif has shown a huge ability to learn how our organisation functions and through only three events she’s had a huge impact in the organisation. She leads and drives a panel discussion in a way that suits the participants, makes them feel comfortable with the situation and ensures the audience understands. She questions diffuse internal manners of speaking and makes sure the message comes across. A rock at target group adaptation!”
Michael Persson Gripkow, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer, Swedavia (2013)

Swedish Transport Administration:
”Elisif was MC for the opening segment of Transportforum in Linköping (1800 participants from the transport sector) 12-13 of January 2011. The theme was ”Dare to think forward!” My impresson was that Elisif was very professional when doing her assignment. She was well prepared and well-read. She was in contact with the other participants beforehand and briefed them on the conference. On stage Elisif acted with confidence and comittment and made sure the time schedule worked out. She was also able to be flexible and change the programme when one important speaker came in later than expected.
We´re very satisified with Elisifs performance and send her a warm thank you!”
Lena B Eriksson, Swedish Transport Administration (2011)

The KFS days (public authority companies conference )
”Thankyou for a very good performance. The best evaluation is that we’re looking forward to working with you again. You were so well-read and prepared it didn’t show! You asked only the right questions and understood the different questions at issue, wether they were regarding welfare or competition framework. The mentometer-questions and subjects were so perfect. It takes lots of preparation to come across as being spontanteous. You acted smoothly and created a nice atmosphere for all of us, handling our issues like you’d always worked for us.”
Christel Wiman, MD KFS (2011)

Q-day i Lund, The human interface, science
“With Elisif came a dedication to the task which gave security from the very first moment. Her meticulous preparation and huge perceptiveness towards our wishes and the prerequisites of the participants in combination with a razorsharp ability to feel the mood of the audience and weave the different points of the program together contributed strongly to making our event a success.”
Elisabet Johnson, Q-day (2010)