Photo: Linda Broström

Inspiring. Exciting. Fun.

My many years as a host for different Swedish morning TV and news-shows in combination with hosting the investigative “Uppdrag granskning” has given me a broad knowledge about many different subjects. And I do like knowledge… but as a journalist you rarely get enough time to read up on a subject before an interview. Therefore, I really like working as a MC. It gives me the opportunity to go deeper, to satisfy my own curiosity, at the same time making my clients happy.

I do so much more than just presenting a program, I always closely study the subject, talk to everyone involved and discuss the themes and questions with my client. During the years people often have told me ”You’re the best MC I’ve seen!” and naturally it gives me great joy when my careful preparations and effort to give that little extra actually makes a difference on stage. I’m especially proud to have been the first MC ever to get The Great Speakers honorary award as Best MC.

Clients who demand a higher quality often comes to me since they know I´ll set time aside for them and therefore I take only a few assignments a month. Recurring clients are, among others, Ernst&Young, Nine Yards, Mälardalsrådet och VTI.

As MC I can do almost everything, from difficult political debate to lighter entertainment interviews. I do assignments both in English and Swedish.

I’ll be delighted to hear from you!