Elisif-183webPhoto: Linda Broström

My first real assignment was to interview…a horse…! 

The year was 1988 and I was practising as an intern at the public radio, SR Kronoberg in Vaxjo, who wanted the segment for their afternoon show. The owner of the horse was very reluctant, but once I turned up at the stables, my presence was allowed.

The horse, of course, wasn’t just any horse…it was the legendary trotter Mac Lobell.
This was the first interview of mine ever published and still it’s the one I remember the most, simply because the assignment was such a weird one. Thank God ”The Mac” was easy to interview and very talkative in his very horsey way, making small sounds and snorts and even a happy shriek as the caretaker called him to the gate.

Much later, by the time I´d become an employee, one of my colleagues said:
– When I heard your interview with Mac Lobell I knew you might go far, not many have the capacity to interview a horse in such a lively and funny way…

And now, 24 years after those first stumbling steps as a journalist I’ve done almost everything there is; both in lighter and heavier journalism. From entertainment to rough debate, from laughing easy conversations to heavy demanding interviews with politicians and others in powerful positions.

I like knowledge and variation so this suits me well. Joy and curiosity are my driving forces, at the same time I believe compassion and a wish to understand the broader context are important in any kind of journalism.